Acupuncture restores normal breast milk production to lactating mothers with low milk secretion levels. Research conducted at the Hanzhong Shanxi Hospital demonstrates that the application of a specific set of acupuncture points significantly boosts lactation quantities. In a controlled investigation of 116 women with deficient secretion of milk (hypogalactia, hypogalactorrhea), acupuncture successfully increased breast milk secretion from an average of 49.63 ml to 115.21 ml. In addition, lactating mothers receiving acupuncture had a concomitant improvement in prolactin (a hormone that stimulates milk production) levels.


A mother and her baby are depicted in this image. Acupuncture assists nursing mothers 

Postpartum hypogalactia is often caused by weakness after delivery. Other causes include congenital dysplasia, dietary issues, and stress. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, childbirth brings great changes to the reproductive organs and the entire body. The functions of the meridians and viscera are easily maladjusted during the recuperative period. In order to ensure sufficient breast milk production, which is vital to the baby’s healthy growth and the mother, it is important to provide a timely differential diagnosis and treatment once postpartum hypogalactia is discovered. According to TCM principles, postpartum hypogalactia is primarily caused by deficiency of qi and blood or stagnation of liver qi. Deficiency of qi and blood results in insufficient milk production and liver qi stagnation results in coagulation or obstruction of breast milk. 

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