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At Wang Acupuncture Clinic, we specialize in traditional Chinese medicine near Fernandina Beach, Fl. Our Fernandina Beach specialties include acupuncture for pain and injury. We can also treat a wide variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, headaches, gastro-intestinal disorders, and much more.

Many people in Fernandina Beach suffer from pain, mainly back pain. We specialize in getting to the route of the problem and treating it with the specialized knowledge of Chinese medicine that we have cultivated for decades. Our success rates show that we are as effective, and many times, more effective, than other acupuncturists practicing traditional acupuncture methods taught in the school today.

When you have an appointment with us, we address your health concerns as a top priority. Every treatment comes with attention to detail and an exhaustive evaluation of progress. We track your progress through time and change your treatment plan if something is not working rather than have you keep doing something that is not working. This is where we differ from the status-quo in Western medicine which only focuses on the symptoms and over-prescribes drugs that may never work.

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I am a middle-aged surgeon in Jacksonville. My practice involves using an operating microscope almost daily. This makes my profession at higher risk for neck pain and or disability from repetitive unnatural neck movements required at times in using this equipment. I recently suffered an injury in an auto accident that has significantly affected my ability to do my job. Dr. Wang has helped me with pain relief from my injury. His treatment has been both with acute management as well as chronic control of pain during my recovery. I can say categorically that Dr. Wang's expert management of my problem has kept me on the job without my using mind numbing painkillers.

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