Acupuncture outperforms drug therapy for the treatment of mild to moderate female stress urinary incontinence (FSUI). Researchers from Weihai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine conclude that electroacupuncture is effective for the control of FSUI. In the study, an electroacupuncture treatment group produced a positive patient outcome rate of 86.7%. The drug control group produced a 68.9% positive patient outcome rate for the treatment of FSUI. The electroacupuncture group had a significantly higher complete recovery rate and total effective rate.


Ciliao (BL32) and other points on an acupuncture doll


After four weeks of treatment, the electroacupuncture group achieved a positive patient outcome rate of 86.7%. A total of 30 patients fully recovered, 48 showed significant improvements, and 12 had no improvements. The drug control group had a 68.9% positive patient outcome rate. A total of 20 patients fully recovered, 42 showed significant improvement, and 27 had no improvements. The positive patient outcome rates show significant differences between these treatment protocols. 

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